We provide Professional Development for Trainers. Building dynamic training skillsAs the “Mindworks” name suggests, we are constantly seeking to understand how the mind works, and how we can use it to its fullest potential.

This includes our Individual minds as well as our Team and Corporate/Business minds.

It is our thinking that dictates our results.

When you engage the Mindworks team, be prepared to be challenged to move beyond what you ever thought possible.

We love working with Trainers and Educators, Individuals and Teams, Conference Delegates and Learners.

We will teach you about brain-friendly techniques so that you and your team will have skills to automatically focus on ‘potential’ and ‘opportunities’, and be confident that all your learnings and training/teaching will STICK!

We invite you to look through our website and in particular, to view the 6000+ past participants who given us a 92% excellent/7.8% good rating. Our results speak for themselves.

What our clients think

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As your business name says “Mindworks…does yours?” Well it certainly does now Laurie, thank you!!! What a great day I had. You have inspired me beyond my expectations. I can’t wait for day 2 in November to come around.
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How participants rate our workshops

How Participants rate our workshops: 5856 people said excellent, 478 people said good, 18 people said acceptable, 2 people said disappointed