About Us

Mindworks has been opening up the mysteries of the
mind since 1987…

Laurie 2Mindworks works with corporate and individual clients to improve professional and personal skills.

We help people understand how their minds work and how this impacts on behaviours and relationships. We can influence what we think and feel by our attitude (or State), our focus and our physical and mental behaviour patterns.

Renowned for our  Trainer Skills Intensives, and other powerful workshops that we deliver for Trainers and Educators, our programs up-skill you in highly effective and engaging delivery.

We guide you with proven techniques in making your content come alive, thereby capturing your learners enthusiasm.

Learners who become self-motivated, take ownership over their learning method, and want to confidently use the material in their personal and professional lives.

  • In the workplace, we help teams to work together more effectively by setting goals, using possibility thinking through thinking strategies and ‘out of the box’ techniques, and developing supportive relationships through understanding individual differences, celebrating unique skills and clear communication. A well balanced workplace has got to be a place of fun and achievement.
  • We help individuals manage stress, work/life balance and gain control over their lives.
Our workshops are practical, fun and get results.
Guaranteed !!!

Based on extensive research, Mindworks programs are unique in Australia.

You can get a taste of our approach by attending a free three-hour complimentary ‘try before you buy’ showcase. These events are held on a regular basis. Please email to register for the next Showcase.

We also offer the following Services, incorporating the Mindworks Magic:

Individual Coaching:
This is a service that we have offered our clients since 1987. What we teach you in our training, we want to have stick and to be useful in your particular situation.

Therefore, we put time aside every week to answer questions, and speak with past participants, about ways that they might customise what they have learned to their own situation. We also have a Facebook community who share ideas and insights.

We also offer one-on-one coaching and consultations.

Consultations, Feedback and Reviews:
If you are designing a program and would like some ideas or feedback, please give us a call as our team will be happy to sit down with you, or your team, and add value from a brain-friendly perspective. This is a job we are often asked to do and thoroughly enjoy. Sometimes you can be too close to a project in the design stage and need outside objective feedback to make it something really special.

This one-on-one work with individuals is to help them break through old thinking blocks that are limiting them from moving forward at the pace they would like. In this coaching we use a combination of NLP, Accelerated learning, Kinesiology and Counselling.