making learning black & white when using the grey matter

Don’t give up your day job, Laurie, it’s too much of a gamble

30 years ago, with a strong belief in his work, a desire to make a difference, sheer bravery and a sprinkling of luck, the Director of Mindworks, Laurie Kelly, along with his business partner, Dell Jones, stepped sideways out of dependable teaching careers and into a new training venture. Their goal? To assist people with using their brains to maximum potential when learning new ideas – we like to call it ‘Brain Friendly Training’.

Mindworks was born and soon thriving, and nearly three decades later Mindworks is still going from strength to strength and continuing to open the mysteries of the mind to all who venture through our workshop doors. Laurie and Dell then expanded to include the late Nirelle McCoy in the Mindworks family, and now today we have a range of Independent Consultants, leaders in their fields, who assist us by offering our clients the right trainer for the right job. Laurie’s gamble to trust in his hundreds of hours of personally sought (and bought) professional /personal development certainly paid off and today we all reap the rewards of his long experience.

2012 saw Mindworks achieve another milestone – our Training Skills Intensive course was nationally accredited and recognized by DET as the first, and only, independent training PD course accepted as an Unspecified Elective Unit in the TAE40110 – the pearl in our training treasure chest – Maximizing Your Training & Teaching Impact: Effectively engage learners in the learning process QLD200MTI01A was born. We are VERY proud parents of this amazingly effective, brain-friendly, nationally accredited, training skills intensive program … try and say that three times in rapid succession!  June 2015 sadly saw us relinquish this accreditation, simply due to the Accreditation pricetag attached to keep the one course operational.  It is still run now as our Trainers Intensive course, both in-house and as a public course as it has always been, and we can offer accreditation for in-house workshops, under another Unit of the TAE.  Please ask us how if you are interested!

So what do we do at Mindworks, other than love our jobs and have a fun time travelling all over the country, and beyond, to spread the Mindworks Magic?

  • We laugh. A lot
  • We teach you how having fun is the best way to learn
  • We model that learning is enhanced if your audience is engaged
  • We share Engagement skills – easy to do if you know how – VAKT, Global, Analytical, Left, Right, Change of State, Colour, Graphics – this is Mindworks code for Energize, Excite & Engage your audience
  • We believe that through Energizing, Exciting and Engaging your audience via tips, tricks and techniques (over a hundred of them at least) that we will readily model and share at our workshops, leads to sound knowledge retention
  • We understand that their knowledge retention means you made a difference – they learned your subject matter, easily, quickly and with long-term memory retrieval capabilities
  • We know that long-term memory storage proves we know how to make learning stick!
  • And that means, we give you the skills and strategies to make you ‘even better’ at what you do

The future will see us expanding our horizons yet again:–

  • geographically with overseas training and public courses around Australia;
  • internally with new clients, new products and new ideas;
  • pedagogically as we are always striving to learn something new and to bring the best of it to our clients;
  • structurally as we welcome back Laurie’s daughter, Benita, to the Team;
  • virtually as we get our social media pages up and running properly (along with our new Resource Group on Facebook for you to all share your ideas after the workshop, with other ‘Mindworksified’ Trainers), and …
  • personally as we are great believers that ‘Development’ is not just for the Professional, it’s for the Personal as well and we are always striving to learn and experience more to ultimately share with you

We are dedicated to bringing our clients, long-term and newbies, closer into the Mindworks family to share experiences and offer you ongoing ideas, information and facts well after your Training Skills Intensive PD course with us is complete. We will also post regular blog articles for your interest and keep in touch with you via Facebook & Twitter (so ‘LIKE’ us now and stay connected for the latest news).

Our Special Facebook Group: Maximise Your Training & Teaching Impact Resource Group is only unlocked for those with the MYTI password – send us your request to join via email to [email protected] and we will gladly open the doors and welcome you to the discussion group. After Laurie’s UK trip in 2012, there has been a wealth of new tips and tricks he has added to his personal toolbox  and is able to pass on, when you need assistance with a training problem.

Join us – subscribe to our new blog and remember: “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.” – Confucius That’s what we reckon, too!

We look forward to having fun learning – together …