Laurie Kelly BA.; Dip Ed – Mindworks Director

Laurie Kelly2001-2 AIM Master Class presenter throughout QueenslandKeynote speaker Sydney Olympic Athletes Camp’Presenter of the Year’ for Excellence in Presentation by QRail’s ALDP Program 2000

Laurie understands how the human mind works and how people can use their minds to achieve change and improved results.

Laurie has been opening up the mysteries of the mind to audiences from all walks of life for over 20 years. From corporate groups to school students, Laurie has an uncanny ability to communicate on a level that everyone can appreciate. He is just as comfortable in a room full of senior managers as he is with a group of front line staff.

Laurie uses his detailed understanding of how the mind works to present informative, entertaining Keynote Addresses and highly effective workshops on topics such as:

  • Trainers Intensive: Maximizing Your Training & Teaching Impact
  • Flexing the Mental Muscle for Personal and Business Success
  • Maintaining Sanity in Times of Change
  • Dealing with Information Overload
  • Presentation Skills
  • Brain Friendly Learning: Exciting Students to Learn
  • Sparking the Creative Thoughts
  • Stress Hardiness
  • Coping With Change
  • Getting the Most out of Your Mind

Laurie has an impressive background in education including secondary teaching, career development education and then lecturing at the Queensland University of Technology.

He has worked with homeless youth and undertaken an impressive amount of post graduate training in understanding how the mind works, including NLP Practitioner Programme, Gestalt Facilitation Training, Drug Education Teacher, Trainer in Teacher Effectiveness Training, Dunn & Dunn’s Learning Styles, Various programmes including Accelerated Learning, many Training & Facilitation programmes, Educational Kinesiology etc. These programmes represent over 900 hours of Professional Development and in-service. Laurie has been the Director of Mindworks since 1992.

Why is Laurie so good at what he does?

Laurie is passionate about the importance of information he shares.

Everybody can learn a little bit more about how to use their brain, and Laurie has the ability to explain just how to do that.

Perhaps the biggest reason why so many people feel they gained so much from Laurie’s training is the way he makes the information relevant to everyone in the room.

Audiences relate to the examples Laurie uses because everybody has experienced them. That makes their learning experience so much more effective and enjoyable.

It’s not about hype, it’s not about complicated theories, and it’s not about hollow words. It’s about taking a common sense approach, coupled with new information, in order to make a big difference.

There are so many ways that Laurie’s training can enhance your current training programmes.

All you have to do is arrange a time to meet with him to work out what is going to be best for you.