Shez Wright Associate Diploma of Business (Computing) Cert. IV Workplace Trainer & Assessor

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Learning to Learn

Are you suffering from Information Overload?

There is so much to learn, read, absorb and retain. “And the pressure is on !”

How do you keep on top of all the latest information and stay on top?

How do we avoid overload, pressure, seeming despair and the inevitable stress?

You need to lean how YOU learn best

Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill…

Tony Buzan (Mind Mapping Innovator, Author and world renowned Educator

Shez began her journey into ‘Learning To Learn’ at age 37, where, as a Yr 10 dropout she returned to university to do computing. After a number of weeks of despair, she stumbled upon an Accelerated Learning workshop that, in her own words, ‘changed my life’. She went on to use the many skills she learnt in this area to achieve a High Distinction in Computer programming – an amazing result for a mature age Yr 10 drop out!

She is now a very gifted trainer and coach, specializing in helping people learn ‘how to learn’ as well as working with trainers and educators to help them tailor their content to the various learning styles in the room through the use of Accelerated Learning techniques.

By working with trainers who are primarily content experts, the inclusion of processes which will cater for all learning styles can make an amazing difference in the delivery of difficult and technical information. Shez also has a great ability to show how to use analogies and metaphors to make complex content simple.

If you have a group undertaking training Shez is great to put in front of them very early, so she can get them using techniques that match their learning styles and to give them confidence in their ability to achieve, no matter what the content of the program might be.

Shez is happy to work with individuals as well as groups, and can be contacted through her e-mail at [email protected]