Jeannie Jones

Jeanie Jones

Jeannie has been doing wonderful things with Melbourne organisations in managing stress in the workplace.

Jeannie Jones is from Victoria – but we don’t hold that against her!

Since 1997 Jeannie has offered counselling, hypnotherapy, external supervision, de-briefing and training in counselling techniques, use of humour and caring for yourself in a caring profession.

Currently, Jeannie’s practice includes assisting recovery from anxiety and panic disorders using an effective, powerful technique which allows a coming home to self and the resources within; with emphasis around learning to be increasingly in the now and reap the benefits that extend beyond recovering or preventing anxiety, and improving clarity, concentration, focus, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Bringing a balance, a sense of wellbeing.

  • Hypnotherapist.
  • Master of Counselling
  • 28 years Experience across many sectors working with many different people.
  • Certified External Supervisor
  • Lecturer and Trainer
  • Internationally trained in Provocative Therapy.

Remember – Underachievers NEVER suffer from Stress! Don’t lose valuable and key staff when you can so easily prevent it.