COMPLIMENTARY !  Come and see what a valuable contribution Laurie’s work can be to either your conference or your training calendar.



It’s simple – we understand the importance of ‘pre-knowledge’.Showcase

You might have heard about Mindworks, but actually experiencing a ‘snapshot’ of Laurie’s delivery for yourself (for free!) gives you some foundational knowledge to draw upon when you are next considering some Professional Development for yourself, or your staff, or when you’re looking for your next Speaker at your Conference.

Join us and ‘Try before you Buy’ and witness for yourself just what Mindworks can offer your organisation – and all with a yummy morning tea thrown in, with the rest of the day free to return to work.

•    Are you intrigued by the quality PD programmes that Mindworks can offer you?
•    Would you like to meet Laurie and see for yourself how his training might benefit your workplace?
•    Are you looking for a Conference Speaker that is dynamic, energetic and captivating?

Then come along to our next complimentary Showcase Morning Tea as our guest and experience first-hand why Laurie is so sought after as a Professional Development


To be advised

WHEN: 7.45 am – Meet & Greet
8.00 am Start — 10:00 am Finish
WHERE: City Venue will be advised on registration.
ENROL: Please email us to reserve your seat:  [email protected]
CATERING: Yummy, Devonshire morning tea provided – and bring a friend along – the more the merrier

Trainer. Take the worry out of having to engage a trainer or conference speaker ‘sight unseen’.


For Trainers, Educators, Facilitators, Human Resource Officers, Professional Development Coordinators, Managers, Presenters, RTO’s and Conference Committees.


•    FUN and a variety of new skills – all for free!
•    Discover your dominant learning style and learn to identify those of others around you – colleagues, family, friends…your boss!
•    Learn how to embrace change and allow new ideas to flourish and offer opportunities you might otherwise miss
•    Check your body’s balance and be amazed at how a few simple exercises can centre you, relax you and get your brain working smarter and faster
•    You have two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet – all sorts of pairs all over your body – you have two brain hemispheres as well – learn how their interaction can affect your ‘thinking and doing’…and how to make them work more effectively for you
•    Become aware of limitations you set upon yourself that prevent you from being all that you can be – want to work on unfinished business? Learn how to re-wire your mindset, stop sabotaging your efforts and focus on specific Goals and Outcomes you have targeted.


CONFERENCE SPEAKER: Keynotes, Concurrent Workshops, Closing Address 


Do you want your Conference and your Training days to be memorable?  To have impact? To be practical, challenging and relevant, and most importantly, enjoyable?.
Laurie can get your delegates at your next Conference open to ideas and focusing on new possibilities.  He can get them to rise above their present horizons, embrace change and look forward to a more productive future.  Laurie can do all this by either opening your conference, or doing the dreaded ‘after lunch’ spot and getting delegates back on track after the break and ready to work.



Laurie will come to you and Train your Trainers in-house with his accredited “Training Intensive: Maximizing Your Training & Teaching Impact” programme.  By including Laurie’s skills and techniques in your Training deliveries, your participants will benefit from these brain friendly techniques that enhance your content delivery. These are down to earth, easy to understand and proven teaching methods, that leave learners with an experience of feeling positive, motivated and valued.  Come and see how Laurie can motive you!



If you would you rather focus on Possibilities and Opportunities, than feel daunted and overwhelmed by problems and negative challenges, then this workshop is for you!
Learn from Neuroscience research on how to use the Mental Muscle of the Mind to save energy and time.
With the ‘busy-ness’ of work and life we can get caught up in the ‘little things’ that sabotage our thinking and best efforts, which then drains our energy and focus.
This will be a very practical-skills workshop that will assist you in your professional and personal life. Expect to learn ways to achieve flexibility with your thinking. Be open and be prepared to be challenged and have fun.

•    ‘Flexibility’ is the name of the thinking game, so you can roll with the punches and be O P E N  to opportunities.

•    Understand how our brains affect our work and focus so you will be more productive with your thinking … and not caught up in negative self-talk that drains out time and energy.

•    You will understand the effects of Anxiety on the brain’s chemicals, and learn physical activities to keep your brain mentally alert and focused, so you don’t fall victim to a sense of being overwhelmed.

•    When you understand how thinking works, you have the power and skills to move forward with empowered excitement.


•    A great ‘Showcase’ of what Mindworks offers, but also I am walking away with some valuable skills and ideas – Marilyn Haynes, Tatts Lotteries
•    Very good introduction to what you do. Will definitely recommend you for future learning opportunities, both to staff and friends – Jessica Roggli, CRS Australia
•    Really good content for anyone, and unique spread of topics. Never been to anything like this and I got a lot out of it. Many thanks for sharing – Chris Allison, Communities
•    Laurie is an engaging presenter who challengs your assumptions about ‘learning’ and gives you practical tools to use in your life – Peter Thomas , QCAT
•    A most useful and practical morning. The ‘stuff’ here will change my world! – Suzanne Hall, Smartstart Education
•    If only Laurie had been part of the curriculum at Teachers College !! – Tania Toren, Communities
•    Thanks Laurie – as brilliant as 15 years ago !!! I like the way you deliver abstract concepts in a tangible way – Tara Sinclair, Sinclair Consulting

Our Showcase will offer all this and more – and you’ll laugh while you’re learning – the best way to take in information is to enjoy yourself whilst doing it – and we’ll prove it to you!