To Lindel and Laurie,

As your business name says “Mindworks…does yours?” Well it certainly does now Laurie, thank you!!!

What a great day I had. You have inspired me beyond my expectations. I can’t wait for day 2 in November to come around.

You are a very knowledgeable, inspirational, motivating, funny man. I sat up till 11pmmon night preparing your wonderful ideas for my Tue morning Training Session.

My students feedback was fantastic. They went out of their way to thank me for such a great day!!!! You can imagine how that made me feel.

I will continually add more of your tips and techniques to my future training sessions as the results really do speak for themselves.

I hope your having a great day and I look forward to seeing you both soon.

Kind Regards, Heather Engels, Training Consultant

Dear Laurie, I recently attended your ‘Maximising Your Training and Teaching Impact’ workshop. I had attended the same workshop 2 years earlier and loved it just as much this time. The workshop completely revolutionised the way I approached teaching, and after attending the first workshop I could not wait to get back to work and start putting some of the ideas into practice.

I totally redesigned the content to be delivered as well as completely “renovating” the delivery strategies and assessment materials. The results were immediate and phenomenal. I teach Nursing at a large metropolitan TAFE and we were audited by the AQTF, as well as the governing body for Nursing, not long after implementing the changes. We were found to be 100% compliant by both the AQTF and the then Queensland Nursing Council. This was the second time only in the career of the auditor and their reports were glowing.

The attendance rates of the students also skyrocketed and I was routinely teaching completely full classes. The pass rates rose and the student feedback continues to be amazing. I was then nominated for the Queensland Teacher / Trainer of the year in this year’s Queensland Training Awards and won the Metropolitan Regional finals! Although I work as part of an amazing teaching team and have had incredible support from my managers and quality team, I believe much of this success is a direct result of the skills that I learnt from you.

I am so much more motivated, inspired and imaginative when it comes to my teaching and I look forward to planning new ways to stimulate and surprise my students. Thank you very much for inspiring and guiding my teaching in such a life changing way! – Adele Sharman BN,RN,GDip Mid,RM I Teacher – Nursing – Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE
Good Morning Lindel, Thank you for marking my assessment so promptly. I am proud of that result and your comments.

My classes have changed so much since participating in your workshops. I used to go home ‘brain dead’, tired, and worried about my students. Since changing my ways I go home after teaching, satisfied, with a few laughs under my belly and half the worry, so thank you!

Catherine Craft, Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE

I attended the Maximise your Training and Teaching Impact in September 2009 before it was an accredited course and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the best, most engaging, and fun training I have ever attended! Having just completed the accredited course, all I can say is that it’s now even better. Don’t ask me how Laurie managed to improve on this as it was already brilliant. I honestly believe that all trainers and teachers should attend this course as it is absolutely jam packed with simple, brilliant, practical and effective techniques that really work. On top of that it’s really fun! Laurie has an amazing ability to cover an enormous amount of material yet tailor the sessions to suit the needs of the individual participants so that everyone leaves with solutions to their training challenges. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be an effective and engaging trainer. Thanks very much Laurie! Inspirational!

Carmen Carroll
Training Officer
Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)

Hi Lindel,

On behalf of the Woody Point Teacher Aides Committee please convey our sincere thanks to Laurie for such a great day

The general consensus on the day was that Laurie was fantastic. He had a such a presence on arrival and this carried through for the whole of his session. Time just flew and we were surpised when our time was up because we were so engrossed and were wanting more. We hope to attend one of his sessions in the near future.

regards, Jenny Nesbitt

Lindel and Laurie,

Thank you both for your assistance in preparing for Laurie’s presentation today. As a new group we were learning as we go . your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Laurie’s presentation was fantastic and the feedback has been wonderful. I think we have all been so focused on curriculum and new requirements so it was wonderful to have such an entertaining, engaging and relevant presentation- just what we needed to recharge the batteries. The skills and information will be valuable to use with the children we work with and also to help us in our and everyday life.

Thanks again- now I am off to spend time with my family and maintain the balance HA!

Keriann – ECTA Townsville regional group

Thanks Shez,

I had a class yesterday and was going to email Laurie and yourself to say how wonderful it was!
I had them getting up to get the resources/activities, did some stretching (I was teaching them about ergonomic workstation in the workplace) and had them work out their activity then put them in groups to discuss their answers….worked a treat.
I have also come up with some ideas on how I can get them to complete their tasks and to make sure they complete them – thinking along the line of the Cinderella technique…..this all came about at 2am this morning so have started a book writing down all the ideas as I am even thinking of things in my next month’s classes. I can’t type quick enough with my enthusiasm!!! Ha Ha
Maybe the right brain exercises have kicked in!
I go to the markets at 5.30am every Friday (Rusty’s) and even tried the memory trick on what I needed as I always come home forgetting something….and it worked! (only 5 items but I remembered)
So thankyou thankyou thankyou Happy Friday!

Jill Feeley | Training Coordinator, Skills 360 – Jun 2012